QUARTERMOON with New Original Rosalita Rosalita may not be active now

Tools of War - new original by John Smith

Jim Wegman, the artist who painted the Vassar Stage Center Piece,
Plays with Velveeta Underground


Brittany Reilly was born on May 22nd, 1984 & raised in a small town outside of Cleveland, OH called Bay Village. Her first music performance was with her husband Brent Hopper in Sept. 2005. Since then, she has played more than 200 shows nationwide with several line-ups. Brittany & Brent toured as a duo primarily from 2005-2007 supporting their 2006 CD release “Back to My Roots” as well as a couple of tours with the full band. In her evolved project with Brent Hopper (Guitar, Vocals), Billy Gilmore (Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Dobro, Lap-Steel, Dobro), Steve Belcher (Bass), Sue Cunningham (Fiddle, Vocals), & Erick Ireland (Drums), she recorded her debut solo CD “Good Old Country Sound” released March 1st, 2008.
Brittany will be doing close to 150 shows nationally throughout 2008 supporting the new CD release, mostly with the Almost Acoustic Band. More Updates coming soon, keep checking back for details & more info....

It was in a middle school music class where Chelsea first picked up a guitar at the age of thirteen. She began playing classical guitar, but her interest was short-lived as she began playing acoustic guitar for her church’s youth group. It was here that Chelsea grew to love the stage, performing twice a week much throughout her high school years. She began writing her freshman year of high school, and set out to perfect her skill. “I’ve always wanted each song to have a message, an emotion, and a story. I loved poetry in high school and I can remember reading a book of John Donne and wanting to be able to write like him.”

Chelsea soaked in influences from a lot of different artists growing up. “Mostly it was stuff my Dad listened to; Bob Dylan, Allison Krauss, The Eagles, The Beatles. And my Dad as well. I used to sit outside his room and listen to him play his guitar. Sometimes my mom would sit with me and sing along. I loved it.” Chelsea started performing at open mic nights and other such events throughout Jacksonville. It was in a local coffee shop that Chelsea first met Ray Lewis, her manager, through his buddy Mike Schneider who owned Applejacks, which was a legendary music venue in San Marco. Since then, Chelsea has produced her debut album, “A Good Woman,” which has earned her the privilege of being compared to such artists as Joni Mitchell and Carole King. (EU, Jacksonville) At the age of 21, Chelsea is currently working on her second album set to release in 2008.

Tammy Murray: fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Cathy DeWitt: guitar, piano, vocals
Janet Rucker: guitar, banjo, vocals
Jolene Jones: mandolin, percussion, vocals
Annie McPherson: acoustic bass
Blending the old with the new, Patchwork uses an acoustic string band format to play
original Florida folk, old-time traditional music, bluegrass, forties swing, and rhythm &
blues, all with extraordinary vocal harmonies. Featuring national award-winning banjoist
and fiddler Tammy Murray, this talented group of women hails from Gainesville, and has
been performing around Florida for eighteen years. Each member plays professionally in
a variety of musical settings and genres, bringing her own unique talent and flavor to the
mix. Janet Rucker, leader of a country band during the 80’s, is an excellent singer and
songwriter, whose song “Florida Home” was a winner in the Will McLean Foundation’s
Best New Florida Song several years ago. Cathy DeWitt has written two award-winning
Florida songs — “Gamble’s Song: the Waves Roll In” for the Gamble Rogers Festival,
and “My Heart Belongs to Florida,” for the 2005 Best New Florida Song contest, while
her song “Everybody’s Somebody’s Child” was a Jazz category winner in Unisong’s
2006 International Songwriting Contest. Music teacher Jolene Jones, who hits all the
high notes, can sing anything from an operatic aria to a rockin’ rhythm & blues tune.
Bassist Annie McPherson, the newest member, is also an award-winning instrumentalist.
Emboldened by this variety of talent, Patchwork crosses many musical boundaries —
broadening listeners’ horizons, enlarging musical communities, and expanding audience
awareness and appreciation of a variety of folklore genres. Combining entertainment
with education, they demonstrate the difference between old-time and bluegrass style
banjo, explain the significance of the oral tradition, and sing about Florida’s cultural
heritage and environmental treasures. The group’s forte is their incredible vocal blend,
along with creative arrangements and unique treatments of an eclectic assortment of
songs, from Duke Ellington to the Dixie Chicks! They also cover tunes by Florida
legends Will McLean, Don and Sue Grooms, and Frank Thomas, as well as their own
original compositions.
With the intricate harmonies and sisterly rapport that can only come from years of
singing together, Patchwork's performances are a delight to see and hear. They bring a
spirit of camaraderie and fun to all their music, often inviting audience members to sing
along, and children to join them onstage. Patchwork epitomizes the idea that "Girls just
want to have fun"-- and they want to make sure everyone else does, too! For music that
makes people feel like kickin' up their heels while managing to impart a bit of history and
education at the same time, Patchwork is an unbeatable combination!

Quartermoon is North Florida’s Americana treasure.  Experienced musicians John and Raven Smith, often joined by great pickin’ friends, perform an eclectic mix of music, from Gram Parsons, to Bill Monroe, to Merle Haggard, and many original songs. Quartermoon will win you over with John and Raven’s husband-and-wife duets and sweet-sounding harmonies, foot-stomping bluegrass and heartfelt folk songs.

Dary Brewer is a 36 year resident of North Central Florida, Union County.  Influences include:  Blues, '50s and '60s R&B, Bluegrass, and old country.  Themes range from North Floridiana to an exuberance for life, love, and balance, treated with an adequate sense of humor.  Lyrically, there is an emphasis on word play, word economy, and verbal percussion.  Melodies are kept simple and natural.  Power rythmn and vocals.